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The Lebanese Identity Crisis

Lebanon’s future depends on demolishing the country’s foundations and rebuilding them to solve the country’s growing sectarian and ideological crisis. As the people continue to stand tall for Lebanon, they come to ask how this has happened, and what needs to be done next?

KBC Keynotes

In this keynote, we are joined by Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and recipient of the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, as he provides his opinions on the opportunities available in unpacking social business opportunities during COVID-19.

On top of his list of accolades, Professor Yunus is Founder of Grameen Bank and the “Father of Microfinancing” – a humanitarian take on the financial sector.

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The Arab Spring: 10 Years Later

The Arab Spring: 10 Years Later

“February 2021 marked the 10-year anniversary of the Arab Spring, a series of mass protests and demonstrations all over the Middle East with the sole aim to eradicate its autocratic governments and liberalise the region. What, if anything, has changed? And crucially, what are their hopes for the future?”