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KBC Keynotes

In this keynote, we are joined by Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and recipient of the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, as he provides his opinions on the opportunities available in unpacking social business opportunities during COVID-19.

On top of his list of accolades, Professor Yunus is Founder of Grameen Bank and the “Father of Microfinancing” – a humanitarian take on the financial sector.

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Our Illustrations

Insight: A G20 on Women Empowerment

Insight: A G20 on Women Empowerment

We need to achieve gender equality – we need equality in education, we need equality in salaries, we need more women in leadership positions. With that comes the inaugural G20 Conference on Women Empowerment, marking an important milestone for the advancement of women’s rights.

A body-positive #hotgirlsummer

A body-positive #hotgirlsummer

Summer fashion is a celebration of diversity, colour and of you the individual. The idea of #hotgirlsummer that is played out over social media and in our lives is a celebration of that identity and body positivity showing us the best of what London and the UK can be.