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The Economics of the Sneaker Industry

The Economics of the Sneaker Industry

Using simple principles of supply and demand, producers like Nike and Adidas use sneakerhead culture to their advantage by limiting the availability and distribution of certain products and therefore ensuring that each release is highly anticipated by their customer base.

Memes as a New Form of Art

Memes as a New Form of Art

The ‘Two Decades of Memes’ exhibition in New York City and Chicago’s Meme Museum have created a safe space for meme creators to display their work as masterpieces. However, despite their efforts, some people are still resistant to label amusing templates as pieces of art.

Biggest threat to businesses post-covid?

KBC Keynotes

In this keynote, we are joined by Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and recipient of the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, as he provides his opinions on the opportunities available in unpacking social business opportunities during COVID-19.

On top of his list of accolades, Professor Yunus is Founder of Grameen Bank and the “Father of Microfinancing” – a humanitarian take on the financial sector.

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